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The legal advice we provide to our clients also includes litigation. Further, we are experts in legal opinions. We are committed to quality and efficiency. As a team of highly qualified attorneys, we support our clients with clear and innovative advice in complex questions of law. We believe that personal and direct responsiveness to specific client needs - reaching beyond the pure legal issues by also including economic and business aspects - is vital to an innovative and solution-oriented result.

  • Billing Principles, Fees
    Transparency of costs is very important to us. We provide you with a monthly itemized bill, based on the working hours accumulated. The hourly billing rate depends on the expertise of the specific lawyer.
  • History
    Von der Crone Attorneys was established in 1997. We moved into our offices at Samariterstrasse 5 in November 2000. In August 2003, we launched, our specialized website regarding the new Swiss Merger Act.
  • Since July 2004 our firm is a partnership, which is structured since January 1, 2009 as a corporation (Ltd.).

Hans Caspar von der Crone

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Hans Caspar von der Crone (born 1957) was admitted to the Zurich bar in 1988. He studied at the University of Zurich from which he graduated in 1982 as licentiatus iuris and received his doctoral degree in law in 1988. Hans Caspar von der Crone also studied at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut (USA), graduating with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in 1990. He is a Professor for Private, Commercial, and Corporate Law at the University of Zurich (Ordinarius) and was until July 31, 2008 a Member of the University Executive Board.


Hans Caspar von der Crone's practice focuses on Corporate and Commercial Law, Capital Market, and Securities Law. His field of activity also includes International Arbitration. He is counselling his clients as well as representing them in court (litigation).


His academic publications focus on Corporate Law, notably on issues concerning listed companies. Hans Caspar von der Crone speaks German, English, and French.

Business Areas

  • Conflict and conflict resolution
    Litigation in state courts, arbitral tribunals and public authorities; conflict prevention; amicable conflict resolution; communication in conflict situations.
  • Corporate control
    Elaboration of articles of incorporation articles of association, bylaws and complementary agreements; legal support for company organs (board of directors, management board, committees) in control-related decisions; handling of regulatory issues in transactions (in particular antitrust and capital markets law issues).
  • External counsel
    One-stop-counselling on all specific legal needs of the company; training of employees for the efficient handling of everyday legal issues (e.g. conclusion and enforcement of standard agreements); maintenance of a legal desk for direct assistance to the company.
  • Project management
    Support for long-term and multidisciplinary projects (e.g. set up of companies in Switzerland; real estate development; regulatory projects such as drafting private or public codes; set up and support of joint ventures; lead and support of project working groups).

Brigitte von der Crone

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Brigitte von der Crone (born 1957) was admitted to the Zurich bar in 1986. From the beginning of 1987 until March 1988, she worked in the legal department of a major Swiss bank. From 1 April 1988 to the end of 1992, she was an associate in one of the largest law firms in Zurich, with a branch office in Geneva. On January the 1st 1993, she became a partner in this firm. Starting 1st November 2002, she opened her own law firm in the very heart of Zurich. As per 1st January 2008 she merged her firm with the von der Crone attorneys, where she continues to work as a partner.

Brigitte von der Crone studied at the University of Zurich where she graduated in 1982 as licentiatus iuris. From 1982 to 1984, she worked in the securities section of a major Swiss bank, where she started to write her thesis which she finished in 1986. From 1984 to 1986 she worked as a clerk with the District Court of Zurich.

Brigitte von der Crones practice focuses on trade and business law, corporate law, banking and securities law, as well as contracts and distribution law. Another field of her activity comprises competition law (especially antitrust law).

Brigitte von der Crone works in German (mother tongue), English and French.

Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial Law

Incorporation and organization of business activities in Switzerland, including the establishment of corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, and non-profit organizations; Business succession planning; Joint Ventures; shareholders' agreements; Stock Participation Plans; Corporate Governance issues

Transactions, new Swiss Merger Act

Mergers and Acquisitions (domestic and international); Corporate restructurings, corporate reorganizations; Expertise in the new Swiss Merger Act (see our website providing information regarding mergers, spin-offs, changes of corporate form as well as transfers of assets, including their implementation based on the new Swiss Merger Act which came into force by July 1, 2004.

Banking and Capital Markets

Banking Law and Regulation, Stock Exchange Law and Regulation, Takeover Law and Regulation, Compliance with Reporting and Disclosure Duties

Securities Law

Legal advice and litigation for issuers, banks, central securities depositories, and investors

Contractual Law

Purchase Agreements, Cooperation- and Consultant-Agreements, Distributorship Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Labour Agreements, Insurance contracts

Real Estate Law

Rental Matters, Construction Law, Property Law, especially purchase and financing of real estate

Further Civil Law

Matrimonial Property Law, Inheritance Matters (Estate Planning, Wills, Inheritance Contracts and Partitions)

Competition Law, Intellectual Property, Media Law

Competition and Cartel Law; domestic Merger Control, Unfair Competition Law, Media and Advertising Law, Product Testing Law

Litigation and Arbitration

Representation in commercial and civil litigation before all Swiss Courts including the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (in cooperation with local counsel in some cantons), Representation in arbitration proceedings, Service as members and chairpersons of arbitration panels, Representation in pre-trial attachment, enforcement and insolvency proceedings

Bettina Kopta-Stutz

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Bettina Kopta-Stutz (born 1976) studied at the University of Zurich from which she graduated as licentiatus iuris in 2001and at the Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy. From 2005 to 2006 she was Visiting Scholar at the Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut USA.

After finishing her studies, Bettina Kopta-Stutz worked as research assistant with Professor Hans Caspar von der Crone at the University of Zurich and as law clerk in an international law firm in Zurich. In September 2018 she joined von der Crone attorneys as law clerk.

Bettina Kopta’s practice focuses on Corporate, Commercial, and Contracts Law. She is especially interested in Cooperative Society Law and Insolvency Proceedings. The latter was subject of her doctoral thesis («Gerichtliche Sanierungsverfahren für Schweizer Aktiengesellschaften – Unter Berücksichtigung des aktienrechtlichen Konzepts zur Auslösung von Sanierungsmassnahmen») which was published in 2019. Further areas of work include Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law and Rental Law.

Bettina Kopta-Stutz works in German (mother tongue), English, French and Italian.

Office project - an overview of the new Swiss Merger Act 

The new Swiss Merger Act establishes a comprehensive set of rules for mergers, spin-offs, changes of corporate form as well as for the transfer of assets and liabilities. The new Swiss Merger Act broadens extensively the range of possible structures for acquisitions and reorganizations and will thus have an important impact on strategic decisions in this field.

The English version of offers not only an overview of the new Swiss Merger Act, but also executive summaries of the different types of transactions. The English site will be updated and developed along with the more detailed German version.

The new Swiss Merger Act came into force by July 1, 2004.

Direct link to this website:

Emil Alicevic

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Emil Alicevic (geboren 1998) studiert seit 2019 an der rechtswissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Zürich. Er schloss 2023 den Bachelor of Law ab und befindet sich zurzeit im Masterstudium.

Bei von der Crone Rechtsanwälte AG ist er seit Mai 2023 als wissenschaftlicher Hilfsassistenz tätig.

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